Gideon Jagged

author, Essayist, and Editor in Astoria, Oregon

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Gideon Jagged (11963 H.E. — ) has degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science and has been a working writer since 12000. H.E.

He is the author of several books, including The Fate of Stars, Exiled, & Nefastus Venereæ.

He is currently working on two novels: The Silvergrey Sea & Zaphyrym House.

His essays as well as early drafts of his newer fiction can be found at

Gideon is a Free Thinker, Free Expression Absolutist, Proud Child of the Enlightenment, a passionate defender of the rights of women & the non-religious, & an elf.

He lives and works on the Pacific Coast.

The worn-out ideas of old-fashioned poetry played an important part in my alchemy of the word.

— Arthur Rimbaud

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    • Alchemy of the Word
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    • Laurentian University
    • University of Toronto