Jahnavi Bhatt

Student, Writer, and Volunteer in Troy, Michigan

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This weekend, LonelyPlanet set out to explore the uncharted territories of Jahnavi's brain - traveling far and wide to bring you the anatomy of her subconscious.

Deep within a lush jungle of fibers, one can find an assortment of equations, theorems, literary terms, chemical formulas (and a burning desire to learn). If this vast area seems fairly empty, we assure you it won't stay that way for long. This city is determined to grow rapidly.

Farther to the outskirts of the jungle - in the midst of the frontal lobe - lies a fascination for writing and problem solving. The local markets sell puzzles, riddles, and even short stories!

Look a little to the left, and you shall find streets dense with memories of a childhood lived in India, China, and Indonesia - nerves brimming with appreciation for diverse cultures and a love for exploration.

Although the city sees its fair share of storms - of anxieties about the future, self-doubt, and insecurities - the weather is bright and sunny year round. However, keep in mind that this city most certainly sleeps (but only because its beneficial for growth).

Book your flights and pack your bags - LonelyPlanet's latest obsession awaits you.