Jahnavi Parikh

I'm from Milton, GA, and I graduated from Milton High School (EAGLE NATION). I'm majoring in Cognitive Science and hoping to work with people and their brains as a neurologist.

My favorite colors are yellow, blue, and gold. If you know me, you can relate to the proverb “expect the unexpected”; I enjoy great humor and generally laugh at almost anything that is funny, such as all episodes of SpongeBob or Friends, and jokes that go “What do you call a cow who just gave birth?” (Decalfinated). When I love or am passionate about a person or cause, I do what I do to work it with ethos, pathos, and logos. I once had an entire bottle of ketchup for lunch, I enjoy working with animals and people but am still 56% introverted according to every personality test ever, and I've got a type B personality. I'm actually a reincarnated Pocahontas. I sing, I paint, I write and I read science articles and encyclopedias for fun. I proactively work to make a difference in the world a bit at a time, from student council to service clubs to NOW. Making someone smile is my favorite thing to do.