Jahow Yu

Student and entrepreneur in Troy, Michigan

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Ja-how are you doing? Good? Good.

Although I have yet to use any derivative of "Jahow" (there are quite a few, namely Ja-who, Ja-what, Ja-where, Ja-why, Ja-when) in a professional setting, it almost always a hit at casual social events. Too bad I am more often at the senior rather than the latter.

That's right, at the whippersnapper age of 17, I've founded two tutoring companies with a few friends, one of which that has expanded to a second location. Because of this, I have had to present myself much older than I really am. Talking to the parents of my clients or pitching ideas to businessmen, I inadvertently increase my colloquial vocabulary to what my 9th grade English teacher called "20-dollar words." "Bet" becomes "I'd love to," "LOL" into polite, friendly laughter.

Apart from acting older than I really am, I run both cross country and track, watch far too many movies (best movie ever is The Usual Suspects, hands down), and am a self-described deal-master (if you ever want 60% off Patagonia, I'm your guy).

Ja-what do you think?

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