Jaime Rea

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

I am a American Archeologist and Protect a very Rare Artifacts. Ark of The Covenants Spirit Stones that change ancient heliographic markings in Shape of Obelisk from Post Egyptian Israel nation concurrent to Moses biblically Era together with Rare Unicorn Gold and Ivory Fossil conclusive to Shofar of Jericho. Its Appraisal is Priceless because of its Rarity Paranormal Phenomena and Most covenanted during Warfare historical Significantly dating 240 million Years ago. But I think 1 trillion USA dollars is a fair market Value. I have had a Exhibitions at Several Smithsonian Museum and have verified its Authenticity. I'm in Need of Partnership because of Wanting to Exhibit it all around the World. I have already in Plans and Actions giving it to all citizens around the World for exchange of Leadership and Execution of My missions Vassonna . to create Peace International Immortality Anatomically for all citizens around the World. Freeing the World of Genocide Hunger Disease Crime Poverty and Ignorance. Providing Tools for Education Environmental Enhancement Shelter And Space Voyage. I currently work with United Nations ,NATO ,Religious Organization Red Cross and many have helped to take my ideas and make these missions into a possible Reality for All Nations All Humanity creating a endless amount of jobs and strength world economic markets. I

  • Work
    • International Security Agency United Nations
  • Education
    • Oxford Univeristy United States Military Academy
    • George Mason Univeristy