Jaime Marie Stepp

Ft Lauderdale, F:

Jaime Marie Stepp

Ft Lauderdale, F:

I grew up in South Florida where at a young age studied ballet and was highly commended by the Royal Academy of Dance. Dancing led me down many wonderful paths including Modeling and later becoming a S.A.G. actress.

Influenced by positive role models, remarkable teachers and people I have worked with have molded me into person I am today. It’s given me my ambition, dedicated work ethic, and professionalism.

I have been featured in national magazines, television commercials and films. My spokes model work has included representing international brands, where my public speaking and being part of campaign trails began.

I currently reside in South Florida where I continue to live entrepreneurialy, My new business JME Productions is a Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Service catering to Fashion Styling & Wardrobe Management, Personal Assistance & Residential services.

I am available for hire at www.Jme-Productions.com & I also am available for print, film and promotional work. Please feel free to contact me with any inquires. Please do not contact me for any risqué type of work.

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    • Acting, Modeling, Spokesmodel, Writer
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    • Interior Design