Vishal Jain

New York City, New York

Hello there. Great to see you here.

Here is some brief information about me. I have been working on Unix platform for more than a decade now. Have seen Linux from its stage of infancy where you have to compile the drivers for your hardware on your own. As time passed I got the chance to work with SunOS, Digital Unix, AIX and HP-UX.

I see myself as a problem solver. I have a thing to find the answer in the short and sweet possible way. So I use any tool available that can effectively provide me an answer whether it happens to be Perl or PHP or shell script or even a C/C++ program (and sometime amalgamation of these).

In my free time, I maintain my blog TheUnixTips and few other website like StopsNearME and AtABargain.

  • Work
    • Thomson Reuters
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    • Be Electronics and Communication