bobby jain

how can businesses stay competitive and profitable?

By anticipating customers' needs/wants/desires, creating a brand based on TRUST and building long-term loyalty

why do 20% of customers bring in 80% of profit?

Not all customers are created equal. Businesses can grow margin by evaluating marketing & advertising spend by clusters of customers that make money and those that don't

how do companies make money and what are the levers that you could pull to make the most impact?

Decompose the drivers of the business and quantify the impact of each driver to use them as levers to drive desired metrics

how can businesses increase response from marketing campaigns, increase conversion of new customers, grow spend & curb attrition from existing customers?

Anticipate customers' needs/wants/desires, create unique value proposition for each distinct customer segment and design custom messaging / communications.

Customers' needs/wants/desires help inform product/service features & benefits for future growth, innovation & competitiveness

About Me

With 10+ years in Customer Experience, Insights & Strategy, Decision Sciences, Database & Marketing Analytics along with an MBA (Marketing) and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, I have the experience, ability and the passion to apply data-driven, factual approach to customer experience, strategy & decision-making and grow the topline/bottomline of a company in Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Entertainment, Education, Service industries

I VALUE long-lasting relationships with customers & employees that are built on TRUST...they can take you wherever you want to be!

I BELIEVE in Truth, Respect, Simplicity & Continuous Learning!