Jaja Bocateja

Makati City

In November 2011, when I visited Florence, Italy, my life was directed by a simple conversation with a painter who fascinatingly paints bicycles mostly. He asked me why I was travelling on my own... I told him, "Traveling makes me happy and I am trying to figure out what I want to do. I feel that I am lucky to have a comfortable life but I felt that I don't love what I do for a living and that I am not truly happy." He told me, "Perhaps, in your life, there's a big crack between what you've done and what you really want to do. You have to find what makes you happy while you are young and you have to really do it while you are young and while you still have the energy. It's hard to find it... But you have to find it." That gave me an urgency to change my priorities. I knew I wanted to travel for a long time so I prepared myself for it. In April 2013, sabbatical travel started that durated for a year and a half.

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