Jannie Anne Rojas

Philippines, Manila

At first sight.

"she's 15 !"

In my head, whew, Thanks for that, is that a compliment? but It's better to think that I look young than look old xD with my height 4'9 I accepted the truth :D

"she wears white uniform! she's a nurse?!"

Gosh, HAHAHA ! I'm a Normal student wearing pure white uniform but I'm not a nurse xD I'm a future teacher and biologist hoping that time will come if God's plan I also want to pursue Medicine. And become a surgeon

"does she even know how to speak?"

I'm so quiet, you might think that I'm so shy, fragile, snobbish, serious or what. I don't know where to start but maybe because I'm a kind of person who will scan first the persons in front of me before I speak. I have a perspective that, each person have their own way of handling a conversation. So it's better to keep quiet and observe first before starting to spill some words. :))


I have a dream:

Become a part of changing the Philippines for a better future

Become professional. Take my M.S degree "Jannie Anne S. Rojas M.S"

Become a professional Doctor of med. To be in a med school "Jannie Anne S. Rojas,. MD"

So far, I still have a lot improvements to take. I know how tough it is, but I know if I work hard for it. I know time will come that I can. But if God has a different plan, I'll accept it. Because living in this world is a mission.

  • Education
    • BS BIOLOGY for teaching