jaja ishibashi

born in japan, raised here in the states, kinda like my lexus, but not as lean and trim, looking more like my lifted bronco with 35" tires:)

whats up with the zebra stripes? its what i've been doing for the past (almost) 20 years. not exotic animals, but a 25 year old startup called works zebra - currently the chief entertainment / procrastinating officer there, and lead up operations in north america.

what we're trying to do is understand the latest and greatest of realtime computer graphics, and applications for the automobile sector.

can 'kind-of' speak japanese, gave up on reading and writing...

anything computer related, hardware / software, am confident that i can fix or make do with :)

speaking of fixing - gearhead skills include sunday mechanics, which is why i can't get rid of my cars, and buy new ones... can constantly fix them - for good or for worse...