Jakob le Fevre


I am a restless soul, always looking for suitable challenges and adventures. From the early days I wanted to become a ships captain, a dream born at the bridge of visiting ships in Copenhagen while I was a kid. I pursued the dream and went at sea at the age of 16 as a ships boy. I took my education as Able Bodied Seaman onboard the training ship Georg Stage and later went in the navy, to serve duty onboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog. I took my Master Mariner education in 1998 and went at sea again as Master Mariner only to realize that the dream was not right, the golden days of adventure were history and only thing left was mixed crews with little social life, no alcohol, no stays in port and a harsh working environment. Facing this, I went ashore, to work as sales consultant for a company delivering Integrated Bridge Systems. Since then I changed to various suppliers in the maritime business, driven by ambitions and promises from headhunters. In 2010 I took charge of an online project and spend three years working with this day and night, before I finally decided to start my own company based on various activities.

My energy and enthusiasm have brought me succes, but have also caused me trouble in the professional business life. I have always preferred to focus on succes in business instead of being part of the political games that even small companies has. My focus has been the customer and I have fighted many internal battles to ensure that I am able to deliver what is promised. My focus have always been building up long term relationships and I have strong bonds with skilled professionals all over the world. Due to the fact that I have travelled all over the world, I consider myself openminded and I am welcoming any skin color or nationality and only judge people based on how the act. I am informal of nature, need to laugh daily and do what ever I can to help people that need it.

I live with my beutiful and charming girlfriend and our 4 boys in Helsingør, in the North of Copenhagen.

In 2013 I started my own company MARPRO, working with developing the Maritime Media Group, Maritime Danmark and other innovative maritime online projects.

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