Jalen Howard

Oklahoma City, OK

For starters, alittle bit about me.

I'm Jalen Howard, a Mass Communications Senior at Oklahoma City Univeristy. I play soccer there and have been for the four years I've been at the school. LOVE IT! I'm a huge gamer and when it comes to games I've got every point of view you can imagine.

When it came to choosing what to write about whenever I started blogging I had no diea until it came to me that sense i play video games everyday, why not blog about that! Since everything that will change video games is happening in a few months (next gen consoles) why not blog about them!

Really this blog will give you the insight of the positives and negatives on the upcoming games and when they are released. Not just that but when posting I'll throw in some crazy topics that most might wonder about when talking about videos games. Hence the tage line of my blog "Something About Games You Can't Help But Think"

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