Jamal El Kaddouri

Commerce & Business Development in Rotterdam, Nederland

Hello, I am Jamal.

Jamal El Kaddouri is a project manager and runs a Personal Training and Self-defense business in Rotterdam and Breda, the Netherlands. Jamal is the founder of the multicultural international arts and cultuur initiative EmbassyofCulture.com. And is the Chairman of a political party.

Jamal is focusing on global commerce and business development which he has 5 years extended experience. Succeeded to make 2008 the most successful year to that date for a global internet business. His team managed five brands from the Amsterdam office. He and his colleagues increased the customer base by 100,000 new customers between 2008 and 2009.

Developed a CRM program and changed the whole customer management approach. He and his team Brought about the highest customer satisfaction figures and double-digits revenue growth.

Jamal is researching and studying Internet Marketing Strategics and E-commerce for potential new assignments.

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