Jamal Sumbhadi

I am an artist... expressionist... the spirit of art past, present and future... i multiply... i create... i express, i FIRE! Off to the DITCH! A new place for the public to see... No one ever thinks about going down low. The view of small living creatures just like humans on earth and so on. I think we all need to sit down, bow down, go down as low as possible to see what's really going on around us... The DITCH is underground and so are the streets and places we all live in on a daily basis. I heard a singer-songwriter talk about the monsters and no one realizes that they are right beside you on a daily basis. The ditch is like a small version of earth, but you can only see from above like they are watching us right now... I think i see people watching us all the time and now you must go to the ditch in order to see them too. We are trapped on the top of other worlds being destroyed by us and them on a second to second basis times millions or maybe even a number that has not been formed by us, but they already know the number and cheated to beat us down again and again and again... The black hole of the unknown is writing the future and controlling the past forms of life and death at the ditch... the end of LIFE? Hole? Crack? Leak? Fall? Blood? Form? Life? Death? Notes to self said to stay in the Ditched because they are like a fine tuned path to the unknown changes that the outside creates unreal visions of an unreal life needed by the human life forms that really do not have anything, but everything until the next step takes flight. BAM! the ditch is stepped on and off and on and off... Now we must ... because of the ooo. Ones and zeros will never be the DNA for living life outside the boxx. the boxx outside the ditch. outside the shelter. outside the ... Now we must end this by saying one last thing before doing this ditch thing. My place in life that makes me feel like the real world is nothing more than the ditch of death. Life is the end and death is the true beginning of the ... © 2011