Jamar Johnson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jamar Johnson is a native of Chicago, IL with a varied background in business and political science. Within the last year, he was recognized by Ebony magazine for his worldliness. A key part of his adult life story includes a transition from the United State to the United Arab Emirates. In an article written by the publication, Jamar Johnson shares some lessons he learned throughout his journey.

Throughout Jamar johnson's developing career, he has experienced many opportunities of which he feels very fortunate. In a site completely dedicated his Cool Moments, Jamar expressed gratitude for unique experiences. Examples include hearing the Dalai Lama speak and working on Barack Obama's first run for the presidency. Jamar Johnson has even helped intelligent young people at The Center for Talented Youth through a position he held there.

The professional career of Jamar Johnson is still evolving as he continues to travel and focus on business-related matters. Currently, he is located in Dubai. I get in touch, visit Jamar Johnson at the website link below!

  • Work
    • IE Business School
  • Education
    • Lincoln Park High School
    • Loyola University Chicago
    • IE Business School