Jamen Brock

Student, Writer, and Editor in Tallahassee, Florida

Oh the fear, the horror. That is, of having to tell you about myself, dear reader. There is too much to say in too little time. What then, are the important things to know about me? As if I have a clue. But, below are the basics. If you desire anything more in-depth about me, you need only ask.

Male. 20. Leo. Floridian. Southerner. Creative Writing major. Psychology minor. Egalitarian. Pacifist. Idealist. Realist. Onychophagist. Environmentalist. Somewhere between a Deist and a Theist. Somewhere between a minimalist and a maximist. Somewhere between a Democrat and a Republican. Reader. Writer. TV watcher. Music listener. Cat Petter. Tennis Player. Outdoor Enjoyer. Porch Swing Swinger. Rain dancer. Peacekeeper. Human (maybe).


  • Work
    • First United Methodist Church
  • Education
    • Florida State University
    • North Florida Community College