James Crook

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Hi there, I'm James. I'm a business speaker and author passionately spreading the word about the opportunities of content marketing online.

I run Choc Chip Digital, a web design agency that works with consultants to raise their reputation online.

I founded Choc Chip over 10 years ago and work with 100s of business people each year around Australia.

From this experience I’ve found there are common problems consultants and professionals face online.

Many struggle to raise their profile and become the authority within their niche.

Happily, I've also identified four areas that lead to success online when they're done right. I call them the four pillars of digital mastery: Profile, Promotion, Products and Process.

With my team at Choc Chip, we use a method that builds these four supporting pillars to strategically position you as the expert in your field.

I believe there is great power at the intersection of technology and people. The business world is in massive flux right now, and the people who position themselves to benefit will reap massive rewards.

Call or email me today and let me know what it is you're struggling with online. I’ll be able to help.

My vision is to see consultants leveraging online opportunities like they were born to do it. To save time, earn more, and to feel more confident of their success with every new enquiry they receive.

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