Jim Ehmann

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I live in Cary, North Carolina. My partner and I moved here for the warmer weather.

I am looking for employment. I recently assisted an elderly person with daily activities for a couple years, until he went into an assisted living nursing home.

One of my previous jobs was in importing and exporting medical equipment, parts and media.

I am a hard worker. I am quick to learn new processes. I am trustworthy, efficient and punctual. I enjoy standardized work, and welcome new challenges and variety. I am friendly, well liked by co-workers, and professional. I like to interact with people (customers and peers).

My objective is to obtain an employment position where I am appreciated, respected, happy & compensated fairly. I believe that no one comes to work to fail so if employees are satisfied and happy to be at work then the company will have positive results. With the right mindset anything can be accomplished, one must be willing to overcome their own limitations to find a positive result.

When I’m not working I like to read, walk, bicycle, scooter ride, and do volunteer work. Connect with me!

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    • Carestream Health
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    • Spencerport High School