Jim Lacey

Business Owner, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner in Westlake Village, California

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Jim Lacey Westlake Village / Thousand Oaks resident for nearly 35 years. He is an avid business advocate within the world of packaged consumer food products. James was granted his first opportunity to enter the industry in 1986, when he joined the Nestle corporation. He assisted them to a period of revenue growth of over $71 million. The next venture which he participated in occurred at Proctor & Gamble, where his roles was to monitor the entire sales fleet of the western region. He served the company while contributing to three roles. Immediately following his departure at Gillette, he signed a short-term contract with the Power Bar corporation. He was extremely successful in this business endeavor where he was able to contribute to an increased revenue of over $100 million. The profits of Mr. Lacey's efforts were contributed to departments such as research, operations, and marketing. The next big step in Jim Lacey's career was his co-founding of Crunchies Natural Food Company, based out of Westlake Village. In less than 5 years, the company grew to be the #1 snack food company in the United States, bolstering over 30 different healthy food products. In 2015, Jim sold Crunchies and moved on to his true passion: consulting for and managing snack food brands. This is when he founded Healthy Ventures, LLC., where he currently serves as managing partner at the firm. He hopes 2017 is the year that his company reaches key milestones for growth and help a variety of snack food brands re-establish their presence in the market. To read more about Jim and his passions, there are several places you can find him. First and foremost, he has shared several links to his various webpages below. The best place to get ahold of Jim would be LinkedIn. Feel free to sift through his pages online to learn more about him and the work he has accomplished over the years by clicking on the links below.

  • Work
    • Crunchies Natural Food Co.
  • Education
    • California Polytechnic State University