James "Doogie" Kautz

Son of Saskatchewan, currently calling Winnipeg home. Husband, dad to seven kids (so far), Barbershop singer (usually a baritone), public speaker, irregular blogger, guitar player, jack-of-all-trades-guy at a moving company, call centre thriver & survivor, part-time introvert, proud nerd, Catholic convert, school board volunteer. Winnipeg Jets fan, although the Ottawa Senators are my first love.

They tell me I'm a little bit quirky. I'm cool with that.

I like: Order, Nerf, Lego, Star Wars, Star Trek, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, flashlights, road trips, bemused chortles, wit, red peppers, broccoli, cheese (mmmm), bacon (MMMM!), St. Benedict, Android OS, stretching my comfort zones.

I dislike: Chaos, shaving (but I do it anyway), fake things, cheap things, bad customer service, short-term thinking, bullies.