Jim Neal

Entrepreneur in Brooklyn, New York

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My life has been filled with unique experiences and exceptional people. I've had dinner with Desmond Tutu and Dr. James Watson. Lauren Bacall screamed at me during a phone conversation. Brooke Astor and Philip Johnson flirted with me over lunch. I smoked a cigar with Monica Lewinsky. Civil rights icon The Rev. Joseph Lowery prayed for me. I was the second gay person history to run for the US Senate. I raised two sons as a single parent. I've played sinister roles in acts of civil obedience. I was on the cover of the UCLA Athletic Department's press guide. I'm southern. You get it.

I've done time on Wall Street as an iBanker and run several startups. My passion project is decorating my loft in Bushwick- which may be the onramp to a lifestyle brand curated for men 40+. I give back- whether it's a buck in a bucket, a night in a homeless shelter or membership on non-profit boards such as The New School, The Partnership for New York City's Mayoral Economic Development Task Force, and the Alliance for the Arts. I contribute occasionally to The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post.

Intellectually I love deconstructing a wacky idea and turning it into a treasure. I'm a sports fan and drawn to contemporary art, vintage cigarette lighters, interior design, going barefoot, cooking, photography and creative writing. I'll never turn down a glass of Blanton's- and urge you to try a bottle of red from the Douro region of Portugal (inexpensive, unfortified and complex.)

I love New York City- live in a creative neighborhood in Brooklyn called Bushwick. I'm a SGM@50+ but have an awesome companion- a 13 year old American shorthair from a shelter outside Poughkeepsie named Alfred. I also have two adult sons. And life is very good.

  • Education
    • The University of Chicago
    • The University of North Carolina