Jamila Ali

Jamila Ali RN-C WHNP MSN, CEO and founder of The Sisters Upper Room has over 20 years of direct clinical care experience in Healthcare. She has worked as a Women’s Health Clinician, Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Program Director, Women’s and Public Health Consultant, Nurse/Patient Trainer and Educator. The Sister’s Upper Room is an independent Women’s Health holistic practice founded in 2005, born from the concept that health and wellness are not only physical states but also spiritual experiences. The paradigm of health and wellness is one in which movement is present and possible in various directions at all times. Both holistic and traditional or medical therapies are offered at the Sister’s upper Room.

The main objective of The Sister’s Upper Room is to utilize health education to move women and families in a positive direction in order to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. The Sister’s Upper Room assists healthcare consumers in becoming better healthcare decision makers despite healthcare disparities.
Our goal is to educate our community about health/wellness, self-healing methods and holistic/ medical therapeutic options in order to arrest the detrimental effects of chronic disease states in communities of color.

The Sister’s Upper Room also offers health consultant services. The health consultant component provides educational services, technical assistant and training to healthcare programs, staff and healthcare consumers in the areas of HIV/AIDS and Women’s health program development.

The Nurse Practitioner provides quality primary health care services.
Our practice aims to expose and provide our communities to quality care and evidence-based holistic therapies.