Jan Mundo

Certified Master Somatic Coach, Bodyworker, and Headache Specialist in New York

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Transformational Coaching & Bodywork • Headache and Migraine Healing • Author • Artist • Photographer • WriterI help clients transform their lives from pain and discomfort--whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual--to vibrant health and creative wellbeing. I love seeing them blossom into the fullness of their purpose and expression of their true voice.I've relieved headaches and migraines with the Mundo Method hands-on therapy since 1970 and taught mind-body self-care relief and prevention with the Mundo Program since 1993.I've walked my talk, followed my passion, and created my path. My life is profiled in AMERICAN COMMUNE, the documentary feature about The Farm spiritual intentional community, where I was a co-founder and lived for fifteen years. (Mundo Films, 2013)

  • Education
    • Strozzi Institute
    • The Hendricks Institute
    • Massage School of Santa Monica
    • UC Berkeley
    • Cal State University, Northridge