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Janice Sand

Athens, Georgia

I am the owner and web developer for Athens Web Design Studio, LLC. I reside in Athens, Georgia and have been designing websites for over 25 years. My design work is geared primarily for small businesses, individuals, small organizations and non-profits. I enjoy working with clients in designing custom web graphics that are visually appealing and a web layout that is easy to navigate. My philosophy is to give my clients the best website possible and to have fun in the process.

I volunteer as the webmaster for Athens Canine Rescue, a non-profit volunteer network of foster homes. I assist Athens Canine Rescue in designing banners for their homepage, writing content for special events, promoting their organization, and maintaining the back-end of the website. If you are looking for a wonderful canine companion, please check them out.

In addition to this incredible organization, I also serve as webmaster for Athens Pets. This is a group of volunteers who work closely with the Athens Clarke-County animal control by publicizing the available dogs and cats. These pets are looking for their forever home, so please check them out if you are wanting a loving dog or cat.

And finally, I serve as an ex-officio member of the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Natural History. I assist them in publicizing their efforts, and those of the Museum, by designing a full color bi-yearly newsletter.


Practical experience in the development of HTML, XHTML and CSS coding.

Experience in translating a client's marketing or informational content into a functional website.

Competency in mapping and outlining a website's navigational content.

Trained in creating and editing images and graphics for website use through training in computer graphics packages including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and InDesign.

Knowledge in determining all coding requirements for site creation including: e-commerce capability, forms and specialized scripts.

Familiarity in creating templates for website layout.

Skilled in creating verbal and written instructions for client