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Hi and welcome to our landingpage, we're the Janks.

Our Story:

I (Wesley) grew up in the jungles of South America, among a remote people group called the Yanomami. I loved growing up there especially because of all the rad pets!

Tenley grew up in the concrete jungles of Seattle, Washington. She loved doing hair for runway shows and working in a boutique salon downtown.

In 2007, jungle boy met city girl at a little bible college in small-town Michigan. For two years we sat under the teaching of God’s Word, drank strong coffee, became best friends.

We were married in 2009 and 3 weeks later were enrolled into a two year program for cross-cultural workers.

Our Children:

Ransom who loves playing outside and can’t wait to catch his next bug, snail, or frog, was born in 2010.

Judah, who loves food, building, and exploring, joined our clan in 2012.

The Plan:

We are a small part of a church planting team that is seeking to establish a mature church among one of the remote people groups of Paraguay.

We are currently living in Asuncion, Paraguay while we learn Spanish. It is important for us to be fluent in Spanish because we will be working in direct partnership with the local church in Paraguay (who’s mother tongue is Spanish)

After we've learned Spanish we will move into one of the many remote people groups and begin learning their language and culture.

We believe that it is important for the Gospel of Jesus to be presented in the context of culture and language.

What this means for us:

We will spend our first 4 years in Paraguay consumed with learning language! Pray for us.

The Blog:

Tenley keeps an awesome blog you can find it here

Join The Team:

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    • BA in Intercultural Ministries