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Top 5 Japanese swords

The swords form the heart and soul of the combat of the Martial arts. The Samurais are more or less same and they are so much trained that any minute discrepancy is hardly visible among them when compared. So, what can ultimately decide the fate of the combat is the sword that is being put to use. This goes a long way in helping out a samurai to win a battle. So, if these swords are so vital for the very existence of the game, let’s discuss 5 of them below:

1. Katana- This perhaps the most widely uses as well as the most versatile sword one can ever use. The Katana can be employed in almost all the warfare which makes it a very vital component of the martial arts kit. The length of the sword is around 60cms which is roughly 23.5inches. This is very much the same all over but in case of the hand forged swords, this may vary to a significant extent. Alongside this, the carbon content in the Katana is around 2-3% that is so sufficient to withstand the pressure of the blows of the enemy and remain brittle in all the times. There are other advantages to it as well.

2. The Wakizashi- This comes second in the list of the best swords the Japanese martial arts has ever experienced. Hence, this occupies a very important seat in the tradition of the swords. The looks and other aesthetics are quite impeccable and hence, the ‘Mei’ signature looks marvelous. Additionally, the sword is deadly enough to cut even a Banyan tree. So, one can estimate how much powerful this sword is.

3. The Ninjato- This sword has been name after the players of the game themselves and hence, they have a very special space in the arena of the swords. This comes in when there are many other swords that can do the trick for it but, what is very vital is the presence of this sword. There are some other features like the sharp blade and the easy grip that sets it apart from any other competitor.

4. The Tanto – The sword can never be underestimated, there is always a requirement of an all weather sword, this only becomes possible in case one owns a Tanto. This sword is peculiar to limited places and one doesn’t stand a chance to compete it.

5. Nodachi Samurai swords- Last in the list is the Nodachi sword. This sword is in the development phase and the evolution is undergoing.

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