Jared Linder, Esq.

Los Angeles

I'm the co-founder and president of Connectome, LLC. Our mission is to promote meaningful, risk-free connections between individuals and the people and businesses with whom they come into contact.

We recently launched a social messaging app called Preface, which allows users to connect with someone they've just met without giving away any personal information. No Facebook profiles, no Instagram accounts, no phone numbers, no names. And if at any point either user decides to disconnect, they can simply "drop" the other person, which deletes the conversation from both their phones and revokes the ability to contact each other. By creating a safe and secure way to meet new people, we hope to give our users the freedom to connect.

And Preface promotes real, not virtual, social interactions; a face-to-face conversation is required to connect with someone on the app. In this way, Preface combines meaningful, in-person exchanges with a level of privacy and control far beyond that of most social messaging tools.

Check out the links below to visit our site for more info and a short video about the app, or download the app free for Apple or Android devices.

Before pursuing my passion by starting Connectome, LLC, I majored in creative writing and became a non-practicing attorney. Here's to life, may it continue to be strange, confusing, and most of all, beautiful.

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