Jason Weymouth

Brunswick, Maine, United States

Woodcarver, Beekeeper, Musician, Photographer, and lover of all things handmade! This just about sums it up about me. CarvedWoodenSpoons.com is a new adventure brought about by a few people in my life who said I should be selling my wooden spoons online. So, I opened an Etsy shop and this website to sell my handmade spoons.

I'm always remarking, that the process of hand carving a spoon hasn't changed in hundreds of years. From tree to timber, I like to find that hidden spoon that lays within each piece of wood. I use traditional as well as modern methods in my spoon carving, and have developed a style unique to high-end heirloom quality woodwork.

I hope to one day teach my techniques to aspiring students thus preserving my unique style of hand crafting wooden spoons.

Join me on my exciting spooning adventure! Here, I'll be blogging about the techniques and methods I use in making quality wooden kitchen utensils. I'll be sure to keep my Blog interesting and full of colorful photos. You can also follow me on Google +, Twitter or Facebook for my latest spoon creations.

If you have any questions about spoon carving please contact me, I'd love to here from you.

Jason Weymouth
Owner - Carved Wooden Spoons

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