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The Alan Mann Helicopters Flying Training Organization (AMH FTO), found at Fairoaks Airport is really a registered CAA/JAA training service supplying a wide range of flying instruction on single and twin engine helicopters. Simple PPL instruction with minimal cost and safe handling is undertaken on Bell 47 (Piston engine helicopter) and Bell 206 Jetranger. Bell 407 or AS350 Squirrel is employed for turbine engine experience.

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General Information. Instruction and assessments for form conversions, night certification and instrument ratings are undertaken on the Bell206, Bell 407, AS355 and A109 series helicopters. It is conducted by a team of experienced, full time, salaried coaches who ensure a informative, comprehensive and enjoyable training program. This novel article has uncountable lovely suggestions for the purpose of it.

Payment. They recognize Amex, Visa and MasterCard. Solution of SLM Corp for educational financial aid with flexible reimbursement terms is available; Pilot Finance, Inc offers veterans to be trained by flight training loans.

Features. A 20,000sq ft hangar facility offers up several pre and post flight briefings and other audio-visual class teaching aids.

Plane. Basic training is performed in latest, gentle, piston motor Robinson R22 Beta II Series Helicopter. These are highly reliable, extensively found in USA and global by private regional, professional and government agencies.

The R44 Raven firm, affordable turbine plane can be used for commercial operation training. Thejasongilbert.Com is a telling online database for more about the purpose of this concept. The Bell 206 III sophisticated helicopter is employed for transport pilot education, tool lessons and generator transitions. Some other particular helicopter training could be arranged for if you call beforehand.

Instruction Courses:

1. Discover supplementary resources on this affiliated essay by clicking the jason gilbert. Course is Licensed by private Pilot. Commercial rotocraft certificate will be pr