Jay Draco Arias-Chávez

Actor, Fencer, and Healer in Rosarito, Mexico

Jay Draco Arias-Chávez

Actor, Fencer, and Healer in Rosarito, Mexico

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Actor: Entertainer in several aspects such as karaoke singer, stage acting, voice overs, general slapstick and a wit you could split atoms with.

Fencer: Able epee duelist. Holds a black belt in Wei Kuen Do under Leo Fong, the New Generation of Jeet Kune Do.

Healer: specializing in Tui Na Massage, acupuncture and Dit Da healing. Student under Sijo Douglas Wong (White Lotus Kung Fu Healing Arts), and The James Santi TCM Academy.

Priest: Ordained Wiccan Priest with the Correllian Nativist Tradition; also Majores (master's degree) of the Draconic Traditional Magick.

Hacker: In the old-school sense. Has an AS degree in Information Systems Administration and has worked most of his life in the IT field, also has a Technical certification (Administrative Informatics) and one diploma (Analyst Programmer). Currently working as a Cybersecurity specialist with background in Data Recovery.

Linguist: Fluent in Spanish, English, can speak Japanese to a certain extent.

Philosopher: Self proclaimed quantum philosopher "The less you think about something, the more you learn about it".

Certified Data Recovery Professional (IACRB - 2014)

Certification in Space Systems Engineering by NASA and Saylor.org - Yes, being an astronaut is a dream of mine; hopefully I shall travel out to space, someday.

Spokesperson for MIBC (Baja California Independence Movement) in support of #Calexit.


Jay Draco Arias-Chávez (or simply Draco Chavez) was born in Tijuana, Baja California in the mid 70s (GenX!). Since 1991 has worked as a Computer Repair Technician, Data Entry, Programmer and since 1997 in the Information Systems Administration field. With over 28 years of experience in the IT field.

Jay is also a talented Voice Actor who has worked professionally in various projects such as voice (off) personality, translation services (English-Spanish) and business promotion spots.

As an actor, he has been a member of the Rosarito Theatre Guild 2012 (http://www.rosaritotheatre.org/) performing in the following plays: Flamingo Court (as salesman Mark Seagal) and Miracle in the Bronx (as Richie); and in October 2016 in Arsenic and Old Lace, casted as Mortimer Brewster. In films as a stunt actor under direction of Art Camacho.

Jay is very fond of wine (nothing beats a good Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir), Ambient/Trip-Hop Electronica, good food and great friends.

Got burning questions? Need a polymath for your team? Email me: jay.arias at gmail.

  • Work
    • fb.com/KoMingTangHealers
  • Education
    • Information Systems Administrator - UAG
    • TuiNa Massage Therapist - James V Santi