Jay Jay French

Public Speaker, Writer, and Musician in New York, NY

John “Jay Jay” French (born John French Segall, July 20, 1952) is an American musician, who was a co-founder and guitarist for the now-retired heavy metal band Twisted Sister. He now devotes his career to writing and motivational speaking, while also overseeing licensing and intellectual property rights for the Twisted Sister brand.

Jay Jay always turns his audience around a full 360 degrees. They come for stories of life on the rock ’n roll trail, get turned around by the vast business insight his multi-decade career has earned him, and then discover what really goes on behind the scenes, which he happily and thoughtfully shares. By the time he's done, they feel like they’ve been on tour with Twisted Sister but they’ve also realized he’s their business peer.
Lewis Schiff Chairman Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program
Jay Jay presented an outstanding keynote address at the 2016 Technology Tools for Today (T3) Conference. He was both engaging and informative. The audience of financial professionals loved him. He was, by any measure, the highlight of the event.
Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFP
As an insurance executive, I’ve had the opportunity to hear dozens (if not hundreds) of business and motivational speakers. None of them, however, have your gift of sharing stories while simultaneously conveying real business lessons.ome were skeptical of my choice to select a heavy metal rocker to speak to a room full of insurance professionals. The moment you began addressing the audience, all their doubts disappeared!
John J. Scott, Jr. President & CEO Westminster American Insurance Company