Jayne Harris

Writer, Paranormal Researcher, and Filmmaker in England, United Kingdom

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"Britains Foremost Female Paranormal Investigator" -VICE MAGAZINE

Jayne Harris is a Film-maker, Writer, Paranormal Researcher and Pioneer of studies into Spirit Attachment being recognised as one of the worlds leading experts on the subject of Haunted Objects.

As Co-Founder of HD Paranormal Research, Jayne has over 18 years experience investigating, researching and analysing suspected hauntings and is a renowned authority on cases involving isolated (object specific) activity.

In 2015 Jayne embarked upon a new journey, into Film-Making. Her debut documentary entitled "Who put Bella in the Wych-Elm? - the untold secrets" premieres on 4th August 2017 to a sell out crowd of 400 people at Stourbridge Town Hall, and has already received rave reviews from her peers.

Jayne comes from a long line of spiritualists with both Great Grandmothers being gifted Mediums, although Jayne remains skeptical when approaching each new case, and insists she is not psychic, although has been known to demonstrate a sixth sense - which she rarely admits to!

With a firm belief in the importance of life long education, Jayne has qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, Sociology and Business Management with further study in Metaphysics and Demonology adding to her expertise. In 2015 Jayne wrote and delivered an online training course entitled "Understanding Spirit Attachment" which continues to prove popular. 2017 sees enrolment open for the "Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research", written, delivered and tutored by Jayne, which gained full accreditation status from the CPD service (Continued Professional Development) and is the ONLY course of it's kind to be officially recognised and available to anyone with an interest in the paranormal.

Articles written by Jayne can be found in a number of publications including Haunted Magazine and the newly founded Ghost Science Magazine.

Jayne is a favourite on Paranormal TV shows and Radio worldwide (examples of Jaynes media work can be found on her website)

Most recently Jayne hit headlines when she agreed to hand over the infamous Peggy the Doll to Ghost Adventures Host and Producer Zak Bagans for his Las Vegas Museum, and she remains involved in Peggys story with her new book "Peggy the Doll - a very different haunting" becoming an Amazon 'Supernatural' No1 Bestseller in the first week of sale.

Jayne has a passion for medieval history, photography and aromatherapy.

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