Jaynesis Ong

Los Angeles, CA

I wouldn’t say that I had some fantastic background with art. I wasn’t even into music until late highschool. When I look back, the constant that I found was that my artistic abilities were always sharper than I believe them to be. It was definitely my own skepticism with the world around me, that I didn’t push myself to a point of renown.

Whether small ideas with friends, reaching out to some fellow in South America, or taking on someone’s life-project out in Sweden, my artistry was still there. Actually, I wanted to be a Computer Engineer. Yet that segued into me trying to be a Registered Nurse. But I knew Nursing wasn’t for me, so I tried Computer Programming. My brain sexploded on programming languages beyond C#, so I left that! But given the information I gained from the previous studies, I was able to pursue the arts with a more refined approach. Hell, I was even in the fashion industry!

Did I mention that I'm also well-versed in esoteric studies? I wouldn't say I'm a master at it, but I have invested time in understanding existence on various fronts: from religion to philosophy, from psychology to astrology.

So while I still look to pursue various endeavors towards overall growth, I do invest in the realms of gaming on digital and tabletop formats, to understand the progress of the industry that I'm fond of and the people who enjoy it!

  • Education
    • Graphics Design