Therapist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Therapist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Hello, I’m JordanBodywork. I’m a holistic massage therapist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Visit my website by clicking on the button above. Or text me at 587-773-0582 (NO voice calls please). I prefer to book via text, but you may email me here.



FEES: My sessions are $120/hr, $160/90 min, $200/2 hours and include a full body therapeutic and deep relaxation massage, with hands-on-energy work for relaxation, healing, balancing and energizing.

EQUIPMENT & FACILITIES: My home studio has every luxury to make you comfortable and cared for. I use an extra wide professional massage table, clean towels and sheets, high quality oils with or without essential oils for aromatherapy, and hot stones and oil. A surround sound audio system plays beautiful music to heal your spirit; subliminal messaging to reprogram your subconscious; or binaural audio to entrain your brain into progressively deeper states of consciousness. Dim, warm LED lighting enhances serenity. A rainfall shower is available for before or after the session. The spacious studio is in an executive-style 2 storey home in a private, safe, upscale community, removed from the stress of city life.

ADDITIONAL AVAILABLE SERVICES: You may choose the following options in addition to your massage:

Prostate Massage to maintain prostate health.

Body Hair Trimming on chest, back, legs, and private areas.

Sugar Body Scrub to remove dry dead skin cells caused by the Albertan dry environment, ingrown hairs and tiny pimple-like bumps, increase blood circulation in your epidermis and gives your skin a healthy polished look.

There is no additional charge, but the time used is deducted from your session minutes.

I am mid-40s, 5'9" 175 Caucasian. Yes, that's me in the picture.