Jessica Marie Barreira

Life Coach, Writer, and Small Business Owner in New Jersey

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The events that unfold before us are nothing short of astounding when we realize (AND TRULY BELIEVE) that we are the captains of our own ship, and the masters of our lives.

I am a certified professional coach and I assist clients in devising a plan to quit their unfulfilling job and pursue a business and life they are passionate about!

Why am I coach, you ask?

My drive for this business was derived from my experience at a corporate job that left me lifeless, unfulfilled, and mentally drained of every ounce of life-force energy I had ever possessed.

My life was a monotonous routine of simply making it through the day. I was unhappy, unhealthy, my relationships were suffering, and I was going nowhere fast.

Every day I asked myself “is this all there is to life?” “Is this normal?” “Is everyone this miserable?” As this sadness I was experiencing slowly digressed into a depression I found myself questioning my own existence.

After a period of time enduring this stagnant, depressed state I realized life could not continue on this way.

Life needed to change...but first, I needed to change.

And that is exactly what I did...

I looked for in and day out.

and eventually I struck gold...!

Now i'm living out my passion of assisting those who are done living life as timid mice, scurrying about in quiet desperation, longing for a more meaningful existence, but too fearful to explore beyond what is familiar and comfortable to them.

I help people who are ready to consciously design their days with the unbounded courage of a lion to pursue only that which is most meaningful to them and take action on creating a life and business they are passionate about!

NEVER let your current circumstances restrict your thought from creating a BIGGER, BETTER, AND BOLDER LIFE. Never cap out your potential by building imaginary ceilings in a world where even the sky is no longer the limit!

You are a limitless human being, capable of achieving absolutely everything, so what do you say we get ourselves up off this couch right now and put in some work?

I'm ready to summon your inner genius and help you pursue a business and life you love when you are!