Jacob Burghardt


A research and design consultant with 15 years experience. I specialize in driving vision for products and services that improve peoples' working lives.

I work with clients understand, interpret, and visualize systems in a way that identifies pivotal opportunities and drives alignment on innovations. Projects range in scale from rapid strategy engagements to intensive, iterative design processes.

My calling card is the variety of projects that I have delivered on. I mine similarities in domains and scenarios in order to think bigger and explore adjacent possibilities.

• Power plant operation
• Ecommerce
• Genetics instrumentation and data analysis
• New Space engineering
• Cockpit avionics
• Product lifecycle management
• Logistics workflow
• Delivery operations
• Financial trading and back office
• Legal workflow
• Remote collaboration processes
• Audio and video engineering
• Creative production workflow
• Conceptual prototypes for new productivity scenarios

Although my background is in Human-Centered Design, I draw from a range of disciplines as needed. I live for new projects, driven to look for ways to surface new value for clients, organizations, and workers.


Skype: jacob.burghardt