JD Gaetan

I was born in 1985 on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. I recieved a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a Concentration in Marketing from Cape Breton University.

I co-owned a small clothing company while attending University where we created unique designs and screen printed on apparel for the "alternative" sport market.

After University I moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta where I work as a Business Coordinator for a non-profit organization called Community Futures. Community Futures offices are located in many rural communities across the Country assisting Entrepreneurs in a variety of methods from financing to training.

I have also started to do some freelance graphic design work for some organizations on my spare time and really enjoy it. When I am not doing graphic work on my free time I can be found in a WHL hockey rink doing some scouting for a CIS university team.

When I actually have some free time from all of the above I enjoy spending time with my wonderful fiance, playing ANY and ALL sports and doing some coaching when I have the opportunity.