Jeffrey Robinson

Barcelona - Toronto

  1. Born in Toronto, now a Co-Citizen of beautiful Barcelona.
  2. I attended the Toronto French School
  3. I attended York University - Economics
  4. I'm a venture capitalist and consultant to startups, grownups and restarts through Internet Advisory Corp - IAC
  5. I'm a Mentor and Advisor to Venture Labs, Stanford University.
  6. I'm a Mentor and Advisor to Wayra
  7. I'm a Communications Specialist and Advisor to various Fortune 500 companies.
  8. I'm a Persuasive Communications Coach at IESE Business School for the MBA and Executive MBA programs.
  9. I prepare startups, grownups and restarts through my workshop: The Perfect Pitch - How To Deliver a Pitch and Get Results
  10. I founded a thriving group for entrepreneurs with 1400+ members in Barcelona that fosters the growth for the startup community and ecosystem. It can be found here: Barcelona Internet Startups
  11. I founded a startup called B'Wished launching late 2013.
  12. I have a book for release late 2013 entitled: "There is No Secret - It's All About Hard Work"
  13. Particular areas which fascinate me: Artificial Intelligence - Cyber Security - eHealth -
  14. I blog here: Contrarian's Mind
  15. I Tweet here
  16. I LinkedIn here
  17. I Quora here:
  • Work
    • Internet Advisory Corp
  • Education
    • York University - Economics - 1981-84