Jen Chen

Taipei City Taiwan

I am Jen. I started my passion in communications from 2011 - working in a marketing counsulting institute while I was a junior college student. I did case studies about mobile app startups over the world in different fields. I was amazed at fast-changing and creative tech, and how it leads and changes human's life, how powerful and versatile it is.

I worked as marcom specialist at a mobile app startup in Taiwan. From the experience of working with cross-displinary team of growth hacker, UX/UE designers, and developers, I have seen the rise of new media ecosystem, and the future of growth hacking marketing, which totally against existing traditional marketing & PR way. In my opinion, marcom needs a revolution, but no one knows how long it takes to make it.

The globe is my inspiration. I have a overseas Chinese family, and my cousins live in different cities over the world, speaking different languages, thus I get a feeling that my home is wherever I am going. I am able to adapt to new environment quickly. I volunteered to Hualien(Taiwan) , Kalkkata(India), Manila(Philippines), and gained more understanding about the history, lifestyle and social problems. Besides, I also travelled to Europe, United States, and just came back from Japan. Along the way, I made many friends over the world, who keep reminding me to make contribution to this thriving and amazing globe.

I play drums. I like the feeling when I make awesome beats to empower the atmosphere, even more, empower people's mind and dream. I love hanging out with different groups of people, especially having a long & deep chat and enjoying life stories.

Recently I do reading a lot. It helps reflection on not only myself, but also my experience so far, with which I can find my own way to step on next. My favorite author is Seth Godin, who leads the thought-provoking viewpoint ranges from marcom future concept to life decisions, such as "All Marketers Are Liars", "The Dip", "Linchpin", "Tribes".

  • Education
    • National Taiwan University