Jenny Brown Woodstock

Vegan Lecturer Educator in Woodstock, New York

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Known as The Vegan Speaker, Jenny Brown is an Animal Rights Activist, and Vegan Educator & Lecturer. Fostering a deep admiration for animals, she found herself drawn to plant-based living from a young age. As Co-Founder of Woodstock, Jenny works to protect and provide for animals who’ve endured unique challenges of cruelty.

At age 10, Jenny Brown suffered a leg amputation at the hands of bone cancer. Though the ordeal came with its own trauma, she now credits the experience as strengthening her resilience -- and her compassion for vulnerable living beings in need. Eight years later, her focus on animal advocacy only continued to blossom when a leaflet about factory farming piqued her interest. That small bit of information would spawn into an enormous amount of education, as she would delve deeper into the issues faced by exploited animals.

On her official blog, Jenny Brown Woodstock is currently sharing her Top Tips for Going Vegan in 2022! Jenny hopes her readers will be able to turn to her blog as a beginner's guide to plant-based living and veganism as a whole.

While working in film and television production, Jenny Brown utilized her skills and talent in collaboration with animal advocacy organizations. Now, her research-driven mentality aids more directly in the fight against animal exploitation in the form of published works, talks and lectures on veganism. Stay tuned for Jenny’s next tour!