Jenny Lloyd

Powys, Wales

I was born in Mid Wales and continue to live here amid the mountainous landscape I love.

Leap the Wild Water is my first novel and I am currently writing the sequel.

I've had a life-long fascination for social psychology. My writing explores the dichotomy at the heart of all social relationships - the conflict between being true to one's self while having to conform to fulfil the need to belong. My writing is also inspired by the real-life struggles of women in my family's past.

A tale of treachery, betrayal, family secrets, and moral dilemmas, Leap the Wild Water is set amid the brooding, mountainous landscapes of 19th century, rural Wales. It is a story about the conflict between a brother and sister struggling to survive in a community where, if you are a woman, to err is unforgivable and the freedom to carve a life of one's own seems an impossible dream.

  • Work
    • I live to write and sew to make ends meet.
  • Education
    • Open University