Jens Torsten Hinrichs

Homo Socios Oeconomicus in Niedersachsen, Deutschland

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Journalist, a.D.

I, nerd and person of social interest. Writing down "My universe in a bookshelf" about social media, political satire, interaction theory and the internet without frontiers or internet anthropology (e.g. homo android erectus, homo fragilis immutabilis) Enjoy essays, satire, comments, poetries, song lyrics, instinct particles and more, e.g.


Algorhythmus / Deutschlandtakt

Apropos ... Daumen!

Backlinks to 1984

Beige Books

Briefe an keine Freundin

Chroniken vom Überall

Was sind ...: Soziale Medien?

Furcht und Elend in Europa

Chaosmos / Gemeiner Astroturf

Postings gegen das Vergessen

Straße der Autopiloten

Welle 2.0 / Daz Leporellium

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