Jeremy Gardiner

Lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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First and foremost, I am a Christian. This means I trust, treasure, and obey Jesus. This is where I find my identity, hope, and purpose. How I see the world is shaped by what His word (The Bible) tells me about it. It is the objective standard I use to guide me in this life.

I am passionate about the local church, seeing people built up in Christ, and fulfilling the great commission (Matt 28:16-20). I use my time, talents, and treasures to invest in these areas.

I'm a husband to Amanda and a father to four precious kids. We reside in Edmonton, Alberta and are members of Fellowship Baptist Church.

I'm an entrepreneur who was born to work in front of a computer. I'm the founder of Gospel eBooks and The Head Covering Movement. I also wrote a book called "Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice For Modern Times."

I almost exclusively listen to Christian rap. The team I cheer for is the Edmonton Oilers. I enjoy playing Hearthstone and board games with friends. I love reading and chatting about theology. I also drink a lot of energy drinks.

  • Work
    • Gospel eBooks
  • Education
    • CDI College, Winnipeg