Jessica Roldan

Full-time Wife and Homeschool Mother in Arizona

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God says to get back to the "Ancient Paths" (Jeremiah 6:16). What are they? I have a passion for searching out the answer through the Bible. Join me as I do my best to connect ancient biblical wisdom to everyday life! Committed to radical femininity (not feminism) and pledged to Jesus as a lifelong "Jesus freak," I share the struggles of real Christian living on my blog. Warning: it's aimed toward those with a taste for the extreme. I have a husband, six children (so far . . . ) and an essential oils collection that I'm trying to build through our home-based business. Some of my accomplishments include: reading about a book a week while nursing the baby, homeschooling several children with sinful natures inherited from Adam, doing Trim Healthy Mama but snacking on the M&Ms my husband brings home as a gift for all my hard work, and typing blog posts way past my bedtime. I also enjoy early-morning coffee (but not TOO early), lace curtains, pastel colors, and flowers--lots of them.

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