Jessie Liang

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am a Taiwanese-Brazilian INTJ-mastermind who takes pride in finishing projects on time and under budget all-the-while generating team synergy and ensuring collaboration in the workplace.

Over the last 6 years, I've been focused on obtaining my HBA in Digital Enterprise Management at the University of Toronto and post-grad diploma in Entertainment Business Management at the Vancouver Film School. In the meantime, I've also held leadership, managerial, and marketing-related positions across academic, foodservice, retail, and music sectors.

My skills mostly lie in project management, interpersonal communications (multilingual), IP development, pitching, and team building, while my passion is in making people laugh every day (including myself).

In my spare time, you'll find me jogging, baking, vlogging, singing along to Slipknot (or Katy Perry, depending on the weather), binge watching Netflix, dying my hair, or planning my next trip.

  • Work
    • PR Coordinator for VLAFF
  • Education
    • Entertainment Business Management, Vancouver Film School
    • Digital Enterprise Management, HBA, University of Toronto