Jason Hare

Principal, Solutions Analytics, Open Data, and Analytics in Wake Forest, North Carolina

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Recently, I made a career decision to move back into the technical side of data analytics focusing on server and page performance as well as the web page and mobile user experience. In 2015 I was fortunate to find a position with MetLife as an Enterprise Web Analytics Consultant.

Over 20 years I worked on the web stack from user experience design to heuristic usability analysis to online user behavior analysis to stress testing and security at the server and cloud level. For the past few years I dabbled professionally in Open Data.

In 2013 I became an Open Data Institute Member and founded an ODI Node in North Carolina. In the same year I became an Open Government Partnership (OGP) Delegate. I have guest-blogged on the OGP website. I served on the Open Data Working Group for the US OGP Civil Society Delegation.I am a charter member of the Open Data Institute Nodes and have work closely with the senior management of that institution.

I have consulted with the Open Knowledge Foundation to help craft Ireland’s OGP submission and have spent several years working on the ground with Irish Civil Society. I am fortunate to have strong ties to Microsoft Public Sector in Ireland, Central Europe and the Middle East Africa group.

I earned my BA in Applied Anthropology, Summa Cum Laude, at Washington State University and attended graduate studies in Cognitive and Applied Archaeology at Simon Fraser University. My specialty is pre-literate communications and technology. I am a Department of Defense NORCUS Scholar and did my internship at Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Hanford Cultural Resource Laboratory. Following Hanford I worked on UNESCO projects in Brescia, Italy and the Qinghai Province in China.

  • Work
    • Open Data Consultant
  • Education
    • Anthropology, Washington State University
    • Cognative Archaeology, Simon Fraser University Graduate Program
    • Cognative Archaeology, Lecce University, Internship