Jim Schwan

Shelby, OH

I am an online entrepreneur, a semi-professional musician, and a computer technician with 17 years of experience in the IT field. I have been self-employed for the last year by choice, and do a variety of things to make an income, from playing music, picking up small computer jobs and even transporting puppies to purchasers in a 6 state area around Ohio. I traveled extensively when I was full-time in IT, all over the United States and into Canada, for major corporations as a contract IT Professional, involved with major roll-outs, upgrades, and installations.

My latest passion is online marketing and promotion, and I have become an affilite of Empower Network, to use and promote their Personal Development and Marketing Training products. I have been involved with several MLM companies over the years, and I am still an Herbalife Distributor, although only for personal use.

My hobbies include musical performance and recording, custom cars and hot rods, reading personal development books, listening to and/or watching motivational audio and video, and small home and auto repairs. I also enjoy good movies, and Science Fiction. I am a Christian, unabashedly and unapologetically, and a thoughtful defender of my faith in God, and His Son, Jesus Christ.