Jonathan Lulich

Tennessee, United States

Producing & performing music has been a gift of mine since 1990. I first learned to play the piano, then a drum kit in 1995 & finally the acoustic guitar in 2000. Percussive instruments are my favorite. Sit me around the campfire with a few guitarists and some hand drums, I'll stay all night :-)

Throughout my public school years I was always involved with music & technology from concert & marching band to a grant funded meterologiy lab + produce a 15-30 min morning tv show, all for a couple thousand middle school students in South Florida.

Received my Associates Degree in Information Technology in 2004 while specializing in web development & social media marketing. Spent several years on the road installing VSAT equipment for the Tennessee, Florida & Missouri Lottery. After that spent a few years working in the music production business and producing music on my own as well.

Lately, I've been focusing on connecting independent artists, bands, DJs, labels, music producers, musicians, recording studios, singers & songwriters with online promotion services as well as music distribution & licensing opportunities via provides a unique opportunity for independent artists, bands, musicians, music producers, singers & songwriters all over the world to reach a massive social audience of indie music enthusiasts.

"This is the kind of great exposure that a new Indie group like ours needs." ~ Chaos Control

  • Education
    • Fountainhead College of Technology