João Pedro Silva

I'm a passionate software engineer and avid runner born and raised in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. When I'm not out there running and preparing for my very first half-marathon, you can find me on sites like Stack Overflow, sharpening my programming skills, whilst helping others. I'm also a big fan of chocolate, and I favour vi over Emacs.

Currently, I'm working at CERN, in not-so-sunny Geneva, Switzerland, which operates the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. Previously, I've worked for Accenture, focusing mainly on the design and development of enterprise-wide information systems.

While in college, I've studied Computer Science and Engineering, at Instituto Superior Técnico, where I've also proudly served as a teaching assistant for an introductory programming course. I did my master thesis on the topic of question answering, under the supervision of Professor Luísa Coheur, of the Spoken Language Systems Lab (L²F).